xc Worm Farming: March 2006

Monday, March 13, 2006

Where are the worms?!

Hmmm, I don’t think all is quite as it should be in the wormery. There are a few rather dozy looking worms in the moisture mat (which is now very damp and disintegrating) and for the past week or so, the rest of the worms have been conspicuously absent. I was beginning to wonder where they all were when I realised there is a lot of activity in Level 2. Level 3 is full of decomposing food scraps etc. but the worm seem to prefer Level 2 (they are working at the top of this level).

I fear that I might have added the food scraps into level 3 too quickly and that I need to go back a step.

This would require dismantling the contents of level 3 (this will not be an attractive job but I don’t want to throw any worms in this level away).

I am therefore proposing donning a serious pair of gardening gloves (and a peg on my nose!) and removing/disposing of the contents of Level 3 (rotting garbage), while salvaging any worms in that level that I can, and starting with that level again (adding the waste more slowly than before).

I have ordered some new hemp moisture mats so will delay this ‘project’ until they arrive………..

Friday, March 10, 2006

First liquid fertiliser 'harvest'

Ah-ha! Today we have 'harvested' our first container full of 'liquid fertiliser'. Apparently it is very potent and must be diluted 1 part to 10 before putting on the garden.

I opened the tap at the bottom of the Can 'o' Worms and brown coloured liquid came gushing out. It filled an ice-cream tub.

Was horrified to see about half a dozen worms flushing out with the liquid (I don’t think worms are good swimmers and I suspect they weren’t in the best of health!).