xc Worm Farming: June 2006

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Come back worms!

As we wait (with crossed fingers!) for the worms to repopulate the wormery, we are REALLY missing it! Starting to realise just how much organic waste we put in the wormery, seems tragic to be throwing it in the bin!

Have been distributing worm wee among allotment owning friends and await to hear about their experiences with it.

I have planted about 10 corn on the cob plants, half of which I am feeding with worm wee and half not, will post pictures soon.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Trouble at the mill...

Oh dear, things are not as they should be in the wormery. The bottom two levels have sort of stagnated, they are a rotting mass of organic material, the worms haven't composted them. There aren't any worms to be seen in these two layers.

The large clump of worms that I 'migrated' from the top layer to the bottom layer stayed in a big clump and.............this is terrible I'm afraid but they actually..............melted!

Feeling very disheartened I telephoned Wiggley Wigglers and was very fortunate in that Heather Gorringe picked up the phone. She spent a long time discussing the situation and feels that all is not beyond hope. While there are very few worms left in the wormery, there will aparently be lots of eggs and the wormery should repopulate. I have aerated both lower layers and will now leave the wormery for 10 days to 'recover'. It seems that I emptied the lowest layer too early. If there were lots of worms in there, then this is probably where they wanted to be and I was too hasty in moving things on.

So, will stop adding to the wormery for the next 10 days and see how things are looking then.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Aerating the lower layers

Following Heather's advice (see below) I have dug through the bottom two layers (which are very slimey and quite smelly) in order to aerate them. There was no sign of any worms in these two layers. I therefore added a handfull of Lime and Worm Feed into each layer and 're-located' a large tangled 'heap' of worms from the top layer, into the bottom layer. Hopefully they will do some more composting in the lower levels before heading 'upwards' again.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Loads of wee...

Worms still producing a lot of Worm Wee. Have posted on local Freecycle Network (see links) and an allotment owner in Gosport is keen to use our worm wee on her allotment. She has kindly promised to feedback on their experiences with the worm wee.

Upper layer is getting very full. Could do with emptying lowest layer again. However, lowest layer looks like this (there are no worms in it), is it too early to empty? Do I need to stop adding waste and let the lowest layer do some more 'decomposing/composting'?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Having been away from home (and therefore the wormery) for a week, we have realised just how much organic waste is 'consumed' by the worms. We seem to put an awful lot of waste in the wormery each week and throwing it all in the bin while on holiday seemed like such a waste! Will attempt to quantify how much waste the worms 'consume'.